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Silicone Suction Divider Plate

Silicone Suction Divider Plate

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Did you know there are HEAPS of benefits of using a divider plate for your child's meals? Here are just a few, in case you didn't know!

  1. Encourage small portion sizes, meaning you're less likely to overfeed & there's less waste! You may only fill each section 1/4 or 1/2 full for babies just starting out on solids.
  2. Act as a visual reminder that baby should be having different types of food.
  3. Gives you an edge when scooping rolling peas or yogurt, purees etc.
  4. Reduces clean up because you're using less plates/bowls. The suction also helps to keep food off the floor!
  5. Keeps food seperate...perfect for picky eaters.

Simply wipe, rinse or place in dishwasher to clean! 


- Dishwasher safe (short wash cycle).

- High suction with pull tab for easy release.

- 3 large, deep sections, making it suitable for older children too!

- Waterproof, durable & resistant to stains & scratches.


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