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Natural Leaf Braided Dummy Clip

Natural Leaf Braided Dummy Clip

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Our faux leather dummy clips are the most petite and lightweight in our range! They’re the most on-trend boho dummy clips you’ll find anywhere!

All of our dummy chains have been lab tested to ensure they are safe for your baby. Above all, our completed dummy clips and completed dummy chains have passed strict safety testing. So you can feel confident knowing you are purchasing a safe dummy chain from us. Also, our dummy chains are hand made in Australia.


Each chain length is 19cm long. This material will stretch by a couple of centimetres with use. This stretch is included in the 22cm maximum length when safety tested. The braid is .7cm wide and is made to perfection each time. Therefore, this is one of our most lightweight and petite styles in our range. They come in a variety of colours and are all hand braided using soft faux leather. These faux leather dummy chains are the perfect must haves for newborns and toddlers.

WARNING: Products are supplied with a Safety Information and Warning card. Please follow all instructions carefully. Dummy Clips are not a toy and should only be used under strict adult supervision and in accordance with all instructions.

SAFETY: This is not a toy. Your child must be supervised at all times while using your Dummy clip. Never leave your child unattended with your Dummy clip and do not use if there are any signs of damage. Pull clip to ensure it is not damaged or loose before each use. Remove clip while sleeping. Dummy clips are thoroughly tested before being sent. Dummy chains are NOT toys, and are not designed for chewing or to be used as a teething toy.

They comply with DIN EN 12586 Child use and care articles – Soother holder – Safety requirements and test methods and adhere to all ACCC Safety Standards. Supervision is still required at all times when using your Dummy Clip. Discard after 6 months of use or if you notice any signs of damage.


Wipe clean with a warm damp cloth only. Do not immerse in water. Store out of reach of children. Discard after 6 months use.

Only clip your dummy clip onto thin materials that is of thickness such as the thickness of T-shirt material. Clipping it onto thicker materials like jumpers or the thicker edge of bibs etc will stretch the clamping mechanism and will make the clip loose and not function as intended and will require replacing much sooner. We will not replace any clips that have been used in this way and stretched, as they are not considered faulty, they have been missused.

Baby dribble can cause the chains to become wet. If this occurs, please remove the dummy clip and allow it to dry before continuing to use it. Dribble, like water can cause it to wear and tear faster. In particular, the faux leather chains if they become wet and used can cause the faux leather to break down. These chains are best used on children who aren’t dribbling and teething.