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JUST ADD WATER(MELON)! Luxe Inflatable Pool

JUST ADD WATER(MELON)! Luxe Inflatable Pool

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Designed in Chicago by Emily Vaca of La Vaca, the JUST ADD WATER(MELON)! Minnidip Luxe Inflatable Pool promises a refreshingly cool summer. At 170cm wide and 45cm tall, it's the perfect slice of fun for you and your favorite to go minnidipping-so grab your drink floats and dip right in! Fits up to 3 adults and perfect for children ages 6 and up! Elevate your summer fun... just add water(melon)!

APPROX SIZE 5.5FT x 1.5 FT (diameter expands when filled with water).


PRO TIP: To get your Minnidip as round as possible, let the vinyl warm up in the sun first to make it more pliable. The heavyweight Minnidip vinyl is stiff out of the box (especially in colder temps) so let it warm up before and during inflation so you can stretch it to make it round.


• Designed with love in Chicago by Minnidip
• Non-toxic 10 Phthalate-Free PVC material
• Does not contain lead or heavy metals
• Compliant with all product safety and children’s product regulations: US California Prop 65, The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) on Children’s Product Safety regulations, the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA), ASTM F963-17 and ASTM F2666-16
• Ethically sourced and produced
• Imported
• Heavyweight durable soft-touch vinyl
• Wide air valve for easy inflate and quick deflate. You can even inflate with a hairdryer
set to cool or an air mattress pump!
• Drain plug on bottom for easy water release
• Repair patch included.