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Bloom Baby Memory Book

Bloom Baby Memory Book

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Capture and cherish all the precious moments of your baby’s first five years with our Bloom Baby Memory Book. A simple, modern, timeless baby memory book that you will actually complete. LGBTQ, single parent and adoptive family friendly.

No. Pages: 50 pages

Page size: 9 x 9 inches

Cover size: 9.85 x 9.45 inches

Materials: case wrapped hardcover, spiral bound, 180gsm heavyweight inner pages

Photo size required: 4 x 4 inches.

  • EASY TO FILL OUT: This is the baby memory book you’ll actually finish. Our Peachly baby book contains simple, open-ended prompts so you won’t be racking your brain, forcing yourself to write about milestones that don’t mean anything to you. We’ve also included 4 blank pages at the end that you can fill with whatever you want.
  • FITS 4 x 4 INCH PHOTOS: All photo boxes in the book are 4 x 4 inches so you don’t need to waste time worrying about trying to fit photos into the many different sized photo boxes. All you need are 4 x 4 inch photos – that’s it.
  • EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP: When you hold your baby memory book for the first time, you won’t need to be convinced that it was made using only the finest materials. From the solid 800gsm case wrapped matte-finished hardcover, to the vibrant, pigmented inks used to print the detailed artwork, to the 180gsm heavyweight acid-free card stock inner pages – our Peachly baby books were made to last a lifetime.
  • DESIGNED FOR ALL FAMILIES (LGBTQ / ADOPTIVE/SINGLE PARENT-FAMILY FRIEND): No family is the same. That’s why we designed our first years baby memory book to suit all families. Rather than referencing “Mommy” and “Daddy”, the prompts used are very open. For example: instead of saying “Mommy and Daddy’s first impressions of you” the book uses “First impressions of you”.
  • KEEPSAKE ENVELOPE: Don’t know where to keep all the little trinkets you collect during your baby’s first years? Now you can keep everything in one place. We’ve included a keepsake envelope (measuring 6 x 6 inches) to keep all your special little things – hospital bands, a lock of hair, important documents and so much more!


  • Waiting for you to arrive
  • Welcome to the world, baby
  • Your arrival
  • The world around you (facts on the day of your arrival)
  • Your perfect little hands and feet
  • Welcome home
  • First bath
  • Months 1-12
  • Happy 1st birthday
  • At one year old…
  • Your firsts were a joy to watch
  • Your first scribble
  • Happy new year
  • Merry Christmas (can be removed)
  • Happy Easter (can be removed)
  • Happy Halloween (can be removed)
  • 2-5 years old
  • Your first day of school
  • Family celebrations
  • The best part about memories is making them
  • Dream big (letter to Baby)
  • 4 blank pages