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Eucalyptus Timber Pregnancy Milestone Discs

Eucalyptus Timber Pregnancy Milestone Discs

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Hand designed by Milk & Poppy with gorgeous flowering eucalyptus details. Document your pregnancy with these beautiful timber milestone cards. Honestly, you can never have too many photos of these moments. These milestone cards not only add something special to your captures, but they prompt you to photograph these precious memories. They look amazing on your Instagram feed or make prints extra special for your family for years to come.

Many of the milestone cards feature a place for you to write the date/details down - so once used for photos, the cards become a keepsake for you and your little one to treasure forever. We suggest you use a ball point pen, gel pens tend to work well. Textas and felt tips have a habit of bleeding.


  • Set of 14, double sided cards. 28 milestones total.
  • 10mm diameter (approx.)
  • 3mm thick (approx.)
  • Please allow for slight colour and size differences due to the natural features of the timber.
  • Contains the following milestones:
    Baby on Board
    4 Weeks
    8 Weeks
    12 Weeks
    16 Weeks
    20 Weeks
    24 Weeks
    27 Weeks
    30 Weeks
    34 Weeks
    38 Weeks
    Today is your due date, come on little one! (date)
    The test was positive! (date)
    Still waiting, stop asking
    Labour has started!
    Today we heard your heartbeat (date)
    We have picked a name for you
    We are going to be Grandparents
    Big brother
    Big sister
    Today we saw you for the first time (date)
    I felt you move for the first time (date)
    We're having twins!
    I'm going to be a Dad
    Your nursery is ready!
    Hospital bags are packed
    It's a boy!
    It's a girl!

These cards are not toys!! Do not leave with baby unattended, do not allow children to play with or mouth these items.